Светлана Мельниченко


She was born in Chişinău (Moldova)

1981-1985 - The Republican Art College «Repin» in Chisinau

1987-1993 – Academy of design «Mukhina» (SPGHPA «Stieglitz»)

2008 - Winner of the International competition of ice sculptures «Hyperborea 2008» (Russia)

2009 – Participant of the biennial of contemporary art in Florence (Italy)

2010 – Participant at 70* «Сourse of Christian doctrines» in the «Pro Civitate Christiana», Assisi (Italy)

2011 – Participant of «Art-Manege», Moscow

2011 – "The nuances and contrasts", Venice (Italy)

2011 – Exhibition «The nuances and contrasts», Venice (Italy)

2011 – Exhibition «Madonna and angels» Svetlana Melnichenko and Franco Prosperi

* Museum of contemporary Christian art «Pro Civitate Christiana», Assisi (Italy)

* Museum «Porta San Paolo», Rome (Italy)

* «House of friendship», St. Petersburg

* Gallery «In the Trade», Novgorod Veliky

2012 – Exhibition «Melnichenko and Terenin», «Merafiori», Turin (Italy)

2014 – Exhibition «Family portrait», Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2015 – Exhibition «The Divine Dante», the Museum of history of religion, St. Petersburg

2016 – Exhibition «Circus», Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Exhibition «Christian motifs in the works of Cervantes», the Museum of history of religion, St. Petersburg

Solo exhibitions:

1993 – «Revelation», Academy of design «Mukhina» (SPGHPA «Stieglitz»)

1994 – «Artists and Muses», club «Caravel», St. Petersburg

2006 – «Philosophy of love», St. Petersburg Union of artists

2009 – «Civilization of love», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg


  • «Life», gallery «Mart», St. Petersburg
  • «Life», gallery «Na Torgu», Novgorod Veliky
  • Gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg


  • «The Sun!», «Jam hall», St. Petersburg
  • «White fairy tale», «Black and white» art-kafe, St. Petersburg


  • «Sweet dreams», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg
  • «The eternal moment», the State library «Bronnitskaya», St. Petersburg
  • The tactile exhibition «Book of life» State library for the blind, St. Petersburg
  • «Madonna and angels», the State Museum of the history of religion, St. Petersburg, together with the exhibits from the funds GMIR

2013 – «I Wish You Happiness», St. Petersburg Union of artists

2014 – «The Mid-summer», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg

2015 – «Love», the gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg

2016 – «Thought Forms», gallery of modern art Erarta, St. Petersburg, 24.11.2016-15.01.2017

2018 – «Gravitation», gallery of abstract art "Gorartist" St. Petersburg


2015 – Symposium on marble, Italia – 18* simposio di scultura su pietre del Friul Venezia Gulia

2015 – 6* Symposium on marble in Zarechny, Russia

2017 – 27 “Stone in Galilee» Maalot Tarshiha (Israel)

2017 – «Symposium de sculpture Pierres de Lanvaux» Sulniac, France

2018 – Simposium on Subasio stone in «Art Residence Pro Vobis» Assisi (Italy)

2019 – Symposium on stone in «Ethnomir» Moscow region(Russia)

2019 – 7* symposium in stone in Ayia NAPA (Cyprus)


Museo Prosperi (Assisi) www.francoprosperi.it

Galleria d'arte San Francesco (Assisi) sanfrancescoarte.info

Video "In sculptor's Studio"

Video "Interview on the marble symposium"