Светлана Мельниченко

Member of the Union of artists of Russia,
St. Petersburg society «Dante Alighieri»,
St. Petersburg Association of international cooperation.
The author of the design award «The reproductive future of Russia» in Sochi (Russia)
2019-2020 - Chairman of the sculpture section of the Saint Petersburg Union of artists ,
               Member of the city Planning Council under the government of Saint Petersburg

His works are in public collections:

  • St. Petersburg State Museum of history of religion (Russia)
  • Museum of contemporary Christian art «Pro Civitate Christiana», Assisi (Italy)
  • Regional art gallery, Vologda (Russia)
  • Museum of the Republican Art College «Repin» in Chisinau (Moldova)
  • Museum of circus art, St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Museum of the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi (Italy)
  • State Museum of urban sculpture of St. Petersburg

As well as in numerous Russian and foreign private collections.


She was born in Chişinău (Moldova)

1981-1985- The Republican Art College «Repin» in Chisinau

1987-1993– Academy of design «Mukhina» (SPGHPA «Stieglitz»)

2008- Winner of the International competition of ice sculptures «Hyperborea 2008» (Russia)

2009– Participant of the biennial of contemporary art in Florence (Italy)

2010– Participant at 70* «Сourse of Christian doctrines» in the «Pro Civitate Christiana», Assisi (Italy)

2011– Participant of «Art-Manege», Moscow

2011– "The nuances and contrasts", Venice (Italy)

2011– Exhibition «The nuances and contrasts», Venice (Italy)

2011– Exhibition «Madonna and angels» Svetlana Melnichenko and Franco Prosperi

* Museum of contemporary Christian art «Pro Civitate Christiana», Assisi (Italy)

* Museum «Porta San Paolo», Rome (Italy)

* «House of friendship», St. Petersburg

* Gallery «In the Trade», Novgorod Veliky

2012– Exhibition «Melnichenko and Terenin», «Merafiori», Turin (Italy)

2014– Exhibition «Family portrait», Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2015– Exhibition «The Divine Dante», the Museum of history of religion, St. Petersburg

2016– Exhibition «Circus», Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Exhibition «Christian motifs in the works of Cervantes», the Museum of history of religion, St. Petersburg

2019– Organizer and participant of exhibitions of modern sculpture:

  • "Eternal values" Museum of urban sculpture, St. Petersburg,
  • "Frozen gods" State Museum of the history of religion, St. Petersburg,
  • "Prayer in stone" Cathedral of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov family.

2019– exhibition "Sculpture and tapestry" Samara (Russia),
participant of the "1 Competition for small architectural forms" in Saint Petersburg

2020– participant of the "2 small architectural forms Competition" in Saint Petersburg

2020– "Through the Avenue" New project on Nevsky Prospekt (St. Petersburg)15.12.2020-15.01.2021

Solo exhibitions:

1993 – «Revelation», Academy of design «Mukhina» (SPGHPA «Stieglitz»)

1994 – «Artists and Muses», club «Caravel», St. Petersburg

2006 – «Philosophy of love», St. Petersburg Union of artists

2009 – «Civilization of love», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg


  • «Life», gallery «Mart», St. Petersburg
  • «Life», gallery «Na Torgu», Novgorod Veliky
  • Gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg


  • «The Sun!», «Jam hall», St. Petersburg
  • «White fairy tale», «Black and white» art-kafe, St. Petersburg


  • «Sweet dreams», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg
  • «The eternal moment», the State library «Bronnitskaya», St. Petersburg
  • The tactile exhibition «Book of life» State library for the blind, St. Petersburg
  • «Madonna and angels», the State Museum of the history of religion, St. Petersburg, together with the exhibits from the funds GMIR

2013 – «I Wish You Happiness», St. Petersburg Union of artists

2014 – «The Mid-summer», gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg

2015 – «Love», the gallery «Glass. Rosvuzdesign», St. Petersburg

2016 – «Thought Forms», gallery of modern art Erarta, St. Petersburg, 24.11.2016-15.01.2017

2018 – «Gravitation», gallery of abstract art "Gorartist" St. Petersburg


2015 – Symposium on marble, Italia – 18* simposio di scultura su pietre del Friul Venezia Gulia

2015 – 6* Symposium on marble in Zarechny, Russia

2017 – 27 “Stone in Galilee» Maalot Tarshiha (Israel)

2017 – «Symposium de sculpture Pierres de Lanvaux» Sulniac, France

2018 – Simposium on Subasio stone in «Art Residence Pro Vobis» Assisi (Italy)

2019 – Symposium on stone in «Ethnomir» Moscow region(Russia)

2019 – 7* symposium in stone in Ayia NAPA (Cyprus)

2020 – stone Symposium in Vladimir (Moscow region)

2022 – Marble Symposium in Gomec (Turkey)

2022 – Marble Symposium in Kusadasi (Turkey)


Museo Prosperi (Assisi) www.francoprosperi.it

Galleria d'arte San Francesco (Assisi) sanfrancescoarte.info

Video "In sculptor's Studio"

Video "Interview on the marble symposium"